PixelCon 2016 Tickets


Tickets for PixelCon 2016.11.05.
site: Corvin Club, http://corvinteto.hu/

your ticket can contain 3 services:

  • Daytime show: from 10am to 6pm – 1000 Ft

    • Public Speeches
    • Gamer communities
    • Gamer celebrities
    • Cosplay competition
    • Finalists of Indie Grand Pix
    • #lowrezjam competition
    • Retro Game Room
    • Creative Pixels workshop
    • PC scrapheap challenge
    • etc …
  • Concert: from 7pm to 10pm – 3500 Ft
    in the main hall

    • SIDrip Alliance (HU)
    • Machinae Supremacy (SWE)
  • Autographs: – 1500 Ft
    an exclusive poster and autographs from band members

EXTRA for all types of tickets:


Online ticket sale is available till 3rd of November. You can buy tickets at the entrance, but we cannot guarantee that we won’t run out the concert tickets before the show begins.

Ticket format: we’ll send your ticket via e-mail in jpg format. It has individual QR code, what we’ll scan at the entrance, and you’ll get your wristbands for it.

If you wear wristband for the daytime show only, you won’t have to leave the site at 6pm. The Retro Game Room will be opened for you all day long.

SORRY, but cos some party logistic issues, we have to close the Retro Game Room at 6pm to reorder the room for the Synthwaver’s night event.