JAM the RADAR – #lowrezjam gamedev compo @ PixelCon

Hi Sceners of the World!

We would like to invite you to our #lowrezjam gamedev compo. Organized as a part of a bigger gamer cultural event called PixelCon (you can support, and read more about this party here: masu.pixelcon.hu)

Date: 05.11.2016. (dd.mm.yyyy.) Location: Corvin Club, Blaha Lujza tér 1., in heart of Budapest.

Goal: write the best playable game demo in 64×64 pixels!


  • you can develop in any language on any platform, but you’ll have to present a live game demo on the stage for public (we’ll have retro machines, PCs, and beamer with hdmi, s-video and composite RCA input)
  • you can use any control interface for your game: joy, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, wiimote, kinect, accelerometers, heart rate, brainwave … etc
  • the color depth is your free choice too
  • pixels must be ordered on a 64×64 size grid, with identical shape you choose; square, rectangle, circle, sphere, anything to imitate any kind of display you want.

Deadline: You’ll present your own game for the public, so the deadline is the time of your presentation at the party.

Fill the entry form!

That’s all Folks!

Let the best lowrez game developer win!